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Clobbering COVID: A Tale of Trouncing & Triumph

Tracy shares his experience of being ravaged by severe COVID-19 and his continuing several-month recovery.  It appeared that the illness had defeated him, and although he still suffers from being a “long-hauler,” he is moving forward to new life and determination.  He’ll share how you, too, can triumph over COVID-19 however you’ve been impacted by it –  whether it’s physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual.





The Devil Made Me Do It! (Actually, He Didn’t): How to Have Victory in Your Spiritual Battles

Do you anguish in anger? Do you feel like a failure? Do you languish in lust? What is your spiritual battle?  The presentation explores the Scriptures in order to help you plan your strategy, go to battle, stand your ground, and come out on top against Satan and his demons. This is an excellent presentation for leadership retreats and events.


The Agony and the Ecstasy: A Biblical Approach to Suffering

The problem of suffering is explored in order to help you understand the role that pain plays in your life and how to respond to it with strength and hope.


Don’t be “Board” to Death: How to Be a Healthy Governing Board for a Strong and Advancing Institution

This presentation is designed to help boards (with a focus on Christian college/university boards) better understand their role in the viability and vitality of non-profit organizations.  A unique element is that, in addition to the examination of the basics and the role of a healthy board, there is an emphasis on the spiritual life of a healthy board.  Dr. Marx’s experience with higher education administration and governance gives him a keen perspective on the importance of healthy boards which conduct themselves appropriately, executing their fiduciary responsibility for the sustainability and growth of their institutions.


Tracy W. Marx speaking



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